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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, a lot of people like to take stock of their lives and express gratitude for them. There are a lot of things to be thankful for, which cover a huge range of subjects. One of the under appreciated things which may take people off guard is taxes, and their role in society.

Taxes pay for a lot of crucial things in our lives. For example, we are able to eat the turkey on the table without fear because of government involvement in sanitary processing. The water that you drink is safe because of government wells and sewage disposal systems.

You Can Be Thankful for Taxes

We are able to enjoy a holiday in safety and freedom because of the efforts of millions of government backed soldiers who have protected us all over the years. Any local emergency at home will be handled by the government backed police and fire departments.

All of these things and more are funded by the taxes which we pay. It is a contribution that we make for the greater good, in order to ensure a better way of living for everyone in our country.

So, while it may not be necessary to be ecstatic about taxes, it is a good idea to be thankful for the roles which they play for us all. By all of us paying taxes, we are able to create a stable and sound society which has infrastructure and potential.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and be sure to drive safely!