Wage Levy Removal

A wage levy from the IRS is a serious matter! If you receive a wage levy, you need the help of an experienced tax professional to help you come out from underneath it. At Tax Crisis Institute, in Las Vegas, Nevada we know that our team of experts can help you handle your wage levy from the IRS. Our goal is to help you get the wage levy removed immediately!

Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada is a family owned and operated business that wants to help its customers. We take the time to meet with each customer in person, in order to get to know them and their unique tax situation.

With more than 30 years of experience handling tax cases, including wage levy removal, Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada can handle your tax case. Our personalized approach to taxes is what makes clients trust us in their time of need. We hope to serve the community in Las Vegas, and help its citizens get back their hard earned money. Contact Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas today! (702) 217-0660

Are You Experiencing a Wage Levy in Las Vegas, Nevada?

A wage levy is the process when your property is legally seized by the government. Liens and levies are often confused, but they are different from one another. A lien is a claim to a property needed to pay off the tax debt. A levy is the means by which the government actually seizes the property in order to satisfy the debt owed because of taxes.

When people choose to not file their tax returns or pay their tax debts in full, the Internal Revenue Service has the right to seize and sell any personal property in order to satisfy the tax debt. That means that if you own the property or have interest in the property, the government can seize it and sell it off in order to satisfy the tax debt. These assets include cars, houses, other property, and more. The government also has the right to seize any property that is yours but is being held by another person. This type of property includes wages, bank accounts, the cash value on your life insurance policy, and more.

A wage levy allows the government to take your wage. This creates serious financial burden on those experiencing the wage levy! It makes it difficult to pay other bills or even to just provide for your family. Do not let your tax troubles reach this point. If you have already found yourself dealing with wage levy, please call the Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas today! Let us help! (702) 217-0660

What are the Causes of a Wage Levy?

The government must follow specific protocols in order to seize a person’s property. According to the IRS.gov, they will levy only after the following three requirements have been met:

  • The IRS assessed the tax and sent you a Notice and Demand for Payment (a tax bill);
  • You neglected or refused to pay the tax; and
  • The IRS sent you a Final Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Your Right to A Hearing (levy notice) at least 30 days before the levy. The IRS may give you this notice in person, leave it at your home or your usual place of business, or send it to your last known address by certified or registered mail, return receipt requested. Please note: if the IRS levies your state tax refund, you may receive a Notice of Levy on Your State Tax Refund, Notice of Your Right to Hearing after the levy.

If you fail to pay your taxes or take the proper steps to pay off your tax debt, the Internal Revenue Service can institute a levy as their next step. Please do not let this happen to you! Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada has a team of professionals who can help you with your tax levy situation. With more than 30 years of experience, we are confident we can help you with your tax levy situation. Reach us today at (702) 217-0660!

What Are your Options?

In order to avoid a wage levy, all you have to do is file your tax returns on time and pay your taxes owed in full when they are due! If you need more time in order to meet these requirements, you can request a tax extension from the IRS. Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada would be happy to help you do this! (702) 217-0660

If you cannot pay the tax debt you owe, let Tax Crisis Institute help you set up a payment plan with the IRS. This will allow you to slowly chip away at the tax debt you owe, while remaining in good standing with the government.

Should you fail to respond to IRS billing notices, or do not work with the IRS in order to pay off your tax debts, you are at risk of wage levy. If you receive any written correspondence from the IRS, you need to respond to it. If you have received a bill titled “Final Notice,” “Notice of Intent to Levy,” and “Your Right to a Hearing,” it is time to seek professional tax help from Tax Crisis Institute today. This matter cannot wait. Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas is prepared to help you navigate through your wage levy situation, and would love to help you overcome it! Reach us today at (702) 217-0660. We are here to help!

How Can the Tax Crisis Institute Help?

If you are in need of wage levy assistance in Las Vegas, Nevada, contact Tax Crisis Institute today! Our team of experts will help you communicate with the IRS, walk you through the next steps for your case, and help you regain your financial footing. Should your wage levy cause you financial distress, there is a possibility of getting the IRS to work with you in order to get the wage levy released. The IRS must release a wage levy if:

  • You paid your tax debt in full
  • The period for debt collection ended before the levy was issued
  • Releasing the levy will help you pay the tax debt
  • You agree to an Installment Agreement that ends the terms of the wage levy
  • The levy prevents you from meeting basic, reasonable living expenses
  • The value of the property is more than the amount you owe, and releasing the levy won’t disrupt the IRS’s ability to collect the debt they are owed

Even if you get the wage levy released, it does not free you from paying the amount of taxes you owe. You are still responsible for making arrangements with the IRS to pay off your tax debts. If you do not, they can just issue another levy! Let Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada help you handle your wage levy situation. Contact Tax Crisis Institute today — (702) 217-0660!