Unfiled Tax Returns

You may feel alone as a non-filer, but with over 10% of citizens in the country behind on their taxes, there are millions of people dealing with the same problem as you. When you work with Tax Crisis Institute, we will do our best to protect your assets and give you quick solutions to your unfiled tax returns.

The national tax relief chains will treat you like a number. At Tax Crisis Institute, we talk face to face with all our clients, making sure you have the individual, local support you deserve. Every time you call for a consultation, you will talk to our founder Dana Ronald or his daughter Angelique. Dana brings over 30 years of experience providing families just like yours with quick and effective solutions to reduce tax debt by thousands of dollars.

Experience with Every Case

Whether you are missing W-2s from the past, dealing with a wage levy or even a wage garnishment, we know how to help. With over 20 years of experience in Tax law, we have seen almost every case imaginable. We know what it takes to work things out with the IRS fast. In fact, you can expect that wage levy off before your next pay period when you work with us!

Don’t Pay What You Don’t Owe

When you join the ranks of a non-filer, the IRS or a state tax agency starts to do substitute returns. If you still do not file, the tax agency then levies your bank account or wages to collect the substitute tax assessments.

It is easy to feel hopeless when you try to fix things with the IRS or state tax commission. When you find yourself in this situation, forget working with an expensive tax attorney! It is time to get proven tax professionals on your side.

At Tax Crisis Institute our goal is to keep you from paying taxes, interests, and any IRS penalties that you just flat out don’t owe. There is usually an overwhelming reason in your life that you do not file. The source could be divorce, business failure or medical problems. Such unfortunate events can be reasonable cause to abate the substantial penalties the tax agencies charge.

Getting You the Flexibility and Options You Deserve!

We help you accomplish your goals by establishing an open communication with the IRS or the state. This allows us to work out payment plans that work with the individual circumstances of each client. We take on every case with this individualized approach in order to get our clients back on track.

No Case is Hopeless!

Whether it is only a few years that you have not filed a return, or many, we can help you reconstruct the income. We will not only prepare the returns, but can help you file them in a manner so that you do not have to fear the IRS. It is time to stop living in fear. Let the tax professionals at Tax Crisis Institute get you back on track. Give us a call today and we’ll help you take control of your finances and assets!

Tax Crisis Institute’s Offer in Compromise Services

Why choose Tax Crisis Institute to help you? Tax Crisis Institute is a leader in the tax representation industry. We are a local, family business that meets face-to-face with our clients so we can accurately assess your situation and provide the necessary help. Don’t be left to the poor customer services of national companies that try to handle all business during a short phone call. Instead contact one of our offices near you:

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