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Are you in need of tax resolution help or advice? Let the Tax Crisis Institute be your guide! We would love to help you in your time of need. Reach us by phone at (661) 837-1100 today!

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We meet with each of our clients in Bakersfield face to face

Why? Because we believe that’s how business should be done! There’s no need to worry about mailing in or faxing documents.

We are experts in negotiating with the IRS and state agencies such as the Franchise Tax Board, EDD, and BOE in California. Our goal in these negotiations is to lower your tax debt, help get you extensions, and even help you to set up a repayment plan that makes financial sense for your budget. Let the Tax Crisis Institute in Bakersfield handle your tax resolution troubles — it’s our area of expertise!

The Tax Crisis Institute’s office in Bakersfield, California is a local business who seeks to help the community. The worries of taxes and the need for tax resolution can often feel overwhelming, so we encourage you to turn to the experts at the Tax Crisis Institute. Our clients are everyday people. They are those who work hard to provide for their loved ones, and have unfortunately found themselves in debt to the federal or state government. Our goal is to help our hardworking clients through their need for tax resolution, and to get their finances under control so they can live their best life.