Back Tax Relief

Paying federal income taxes is inevitable. If you are like most people, you dread the thought of filing and paying your taxes each year. Why? Because the process can be so overwhelming and confusing! Unfortunately, this causes millions of people to fail to file their income taxes each year.

Taxes are not just something people can ignore and hope they go away. Not filing and paying your taxes has a huge impact and negative consequences on your financial standing. In fact, should you fail to file and pay your taxes, you can expect the IRS to hound you for the money you owe them. Fortunately, Tax Crisis Institute, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, is here to help. One of our tax specialities is helping those with back tax needs. The professionals on our team of tax experts can help you sort through and file your back taxes.

Our goal is to help our clients pay off their back taxes quickly. We will even help clients by negotiating with the IRS on their behalf. Let Tax Crisis Institute handle the stress of your back tax woes. You can trust Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas to help you find relief.

Are You Struggling with Bax Taxes?

Back taxes are simply taxes that were not paid in the year they were due. Often, these taxes are owed to the federal government, state government, or local government. Owing any amount of back taxes is harmful to your finances and financial future!

The IRS can charge you 5 percent interest for each month that you are late in paying your taxes, with a maximum of 25 percent interest. These interest fees quickly add up, and only increase the burden of paying the money that you owe! If you neglect to pay your taxes, the IRS and state agencies can even hand your back tax case over to a collection agency. These agencies are typically ruthless in their attempts to get the money owed. The IRS is even more fierce. If actions like this are placed against you, they can negatively impact your credit and financial standing both in the present, and future. Do not let this happen. Contact Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas today! (702) 217-0660

If you live in or around Las Vegas, Nevada, and have found yourself struggling under the weight of back taxes, contact Tax Crisis Institute today. We can help! The sooner you get help from our team, the sooner you can start to regain your financial footing. Taking early action in your back tax case is crucial. This helps you avoid more serious consequences such as tax liens, wage levy, and more. Reach out to Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas today. Our team of experts is standing by and waiting to help!

What Are Your Options?

Paying off back taxes can be a daunting and confusing task. At Tax Crisis Institute, we help our clients find relief from their back taxes. At our Las Vegas location, we help clients by sorting through the confusing tax laws on their behalf. We also jump through the bureaucratic hoops with the IRS in order to help our clients find relief.

If you allow the interest and penalties that can accrue from the IRS to build, it makes it much more difficult to pay the government back the money you owe. Unfortunately, for many people, the burden of paying back taxes is incredibly overwhelming and more than they can afford financially. If this sounds similar to your situation, take a step in the right direction for your mental health and financial future and contact Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas today.

Our back tax services help clients get back on their feet financially. We help clients take the necessary steps to find relief from back tax woes.

By working with the Tax Crisis Institute, you will have a full team of experts willing to help you with your back tax case. We will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. Ideally, we can even negotiate a lower payment than what you owe! As part of our negotiation process, we help clients get a tax extension or set up a payment plan for their back taxes. This helps give clients a little more breathing room and time to figure out how they will pay the taxes they owe, while avoiding hefty interest and fees.

How Can the Tax Crisis Institute Help?

Tax Crisis Institute is a family owned and run company that is worthy of your trust. We dedicate ourselves to helping the citizens of Las Vegas find relief from their back taxes. We understand that every tax case is unique. That is why we approach each case with a face to face meeting. This allows us to give clients and personalized and individual plan of action for their back tax case. Our personalized service helps clients get the tax relief they need.

Whether you’ve found yourself owing back taxes, or need help with tax liens, wage levy, wage garnishments, or more, you are not alone. Working with the Tax Crisis Institute will help you find tax relief that you need. Let our team of professionals help you regain your financial footing. We know that there is no such thing as a hopeless tax case. Let the Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada help you!

You can trust Tax Crisis Institute with your tax situation, not matter what it is. Our goal is to give clients a great alternative for tax help. There is no need to pay the hefty fees of tax lawyers, or to be treated like just another number by major tax corporations. Get personalized, professional help from Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada today! (702) 217-0660

Today is the day to start regaining your financial freedom. Let us help you out in your time of need. We want our hard working clients to find the back tax relief they need. If you are struggling, please reach out to us today. We can help you avoid hefty interest and lay payment fees. (702) 217-0660