Wage Garnishment

The thought of wage garnishment can be overwhelming, scary, and confusing. Wage garnishment is a serious matter! It can seriously hurt your finances and budget, while making it difficult to pay for simple things such as your mortgage or groceries!

Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada is staffed with professionals who can help you work through your wage garnishment situation. Many people do not understand just what wage garnishment from the IRS means, how to handle it, how to stop wage garnishment, or how it can be avoided. Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada can help!

Our family owned and operated business has been helping citizens with their tax needs for more than thirty years. We offer personalized service to each customer. Because of this, our wage garnishment relief services are the best in the business. We want to help hardworking families in Las Vegas, Nevada regain their financial footing! (702) 217-0660

Are You Experiencing Wage Garnishment in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Wage garnishment happens when an employer has to start sending part of an employee’s wages to a third party to whom the employee owes money. Unfortunately, this means that the employee receives a reduced paycheck until the amount they owe is paid in full.

If your taxes have not been paid in full, or you have fallen behind on your payment plan with the IRS, you are at risk for wage garnishment. The IRS is able to initiate a wage garnishment in these circumstances. This means that your employer will receive a notice from the IRS, making them start to garnish your wages. Employers are not allowed to refuse this process. They are required by law to send a portion of your paycheck directly to the government. They must continue to do this until your debt is completely paid off.

If you owe the IRS money, they have the right to levy or seize your property. One type of levy they can institute is the garnishment of your wages. There are specific guidelines they must follow before they can start this process. Let Tax Crisis Institute help you understand the IRS’s garnishment rules, how to prepare for wage garnishment, and even help you prevent it.

Once the IRS assesses your taxes, you may receive a Notice and Demand for Payment of the amount of taxes you owe. Should you fail to pay this amount in full, or to establish a payment plan with the IRS, you will receive a Final Notice of Intent to Levy, as well as a Notice of Your Right to a Hearing. Both of these documents must be sent at least 30 days before the IRS can start to garnish your wages. If you have received either of these documents, it is time to seek professional help from Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada! (702) 217-0660 Our team of professionals can help you sort through next steps for your tax situation.

Should the IRS move forward with wage garnishment, your employer has no choice but to comply. They are required to remit a portion of your wages to the IRS in order to pay off your tax debt. The IRS is not bound by state and federal government limitations. That means they can take a huge chunk out of your paycheck and leave you with very little money to live on. They garnishment amount depends on just how much you owe in taxes.

What Are your Options?

Wage garnishment is harmful to anyone’s finances. Do not let your tax woes reach this point! Contact Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada today. (702) 217-0660. The consequences of wage garnishment can be so serious. It places a tremendous financial strain on the person who is experiencing wage garnishment. Consequences of wage garnishment include, but are not limited to:

  • Lowered wages
  • Decreased credit score
  • Trouble opening a new line of credit
  • Difficulty opening a bank account
  • Inability to pay bills

The easiest way to avoid wage garnishment is to pay the taxes you owe in full and on time. At Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada, we understand that this is not always possible. Life happens. You may have lost your job, gotten divorced, come into some unexpected medical trouble — whatever the reason you cannot pay your taxes on time, we would love to help. Filing for an extension with the IRS is the best way to stay in good financial standing. It shows the government that you are taking responsibility for your taxes. It also makes you less likely to suffer from wage garnishment!

If you have filed or plan to file for an extension, or receive any of the above mentioned correspondence from the IRS, it is time to seek help with your taxes now! Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada is here for you! Our expert team of professionals can guide you through your wage garnishment issues, help you communicate with the IRS, and help you stay in good financial standing.

At Tax Crisis Institute, our wage garnishment services seek to help customers prevent wage garnishment altogether, or to end the wage garnishment as soon as possible if it has already been put in place. Reach the professionals and tax experts at Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas today at (702) 217-0660. We look forward to helping you!

How Can the Tax Crisis Institute Help?

Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada provides clients with top of the line wage garnishment services. We know that sometimes life gets in the way of our best intentions. Whether you need help with filing your taxes, back taxes, wage garnishment, wage levy, tax liens, or more, Tax Crisis Institute can help you! Our family owned and operated business has helped thousands of clients regain their financial footing. Do not delay in seeking help with your tax woes, call Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada today (702) 217-0660!