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Tax Crisis Institute stands as the leader in tax relief services, giving people an alternative option to overpriced tax lawyers who fail to deliver results. Since our establishment in 1983, thousands have been able to effectively protect their finances, assets, and work out complications with the IRS through the efforts of our determined tax professionals. When you work with the Tax Crisis Institute, we’ll make sure you don’t pay anything more than you owe!

Dana Ronald

Tax Crisis Institute stands as the leader in tax representation for over 30 years. Since Dana Ronald founded Tax Crisis Institute in 1983, he’s spent his entire career cultivating strong community ties and developing a firm understanding of local, state, and federal taxing agencies.

Dana M. Ronald graduated from UCLA with a degree in Economics and now operates as an Enrolled Agent, certifying him to represent all types of taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. Dana has spent countless hours helping a wide variety of clients resolve their oftentimes dire tax problems. He has brought hope to hundreds of people who were drowning in tax debt.

He’s a founding member of the Tax Freedom Institute, a national organization of tax professionals, which maintains the message:

“There is no such thing as a hopeless tax case. Taxpayers really have so many rights, if you know just a few of them you will never pay taxes, interest or IRS Penalties you don’t owe.”

Dana is committed to defend you, the taxpayer, against predatory taxing agencies. He is dedicated to protecting your rights and interests, so that you never pay more than you owe to the IRS.

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Great company and very kind, caring, knowledgeable people. Highly recommend
About Us
Sam Friedman
19:52 19 Mar 24
Dana was most helpful and helped us from beginning to end and took care of our tax situation with the best outcome. we recommend him highly without any reservations to help resolve any tax issues
About Us
prema devaprakash
15:27 19 Jan 24
Got a letter from FTB that made me very nervous. Contacted TCI and all my questions were answered. I can now relax. Highly recommended.
About Us
Emanuel Kohn
21:31 08 Dec 23
I've been working with Dana off and on for 11 years. He helped us through the worst of the IRS agony. Dana was always there to help when I needed it. I would highly recommend him.
About Us
Sherry Marcovich
18:38 08 Jun 23
I just got off the phone with Angelique. She was so helpful. She answered all of my tax questions. I would definitely recommend tax crisis.
About Us
A Gutierrez
18:11 20 Feb 23
Tax Crisis has helped me from day one. They are always answering all my questions and are professional about everything they do!
About Us
Omar Ceja
20:26 06 Feb 23
Dana and Angelique have communicated with me and met with me every time I had a question. They made everything easy for me to understand and continue to help me when I need it.
About Us
Christopher Arias
00:49 21 Dec 22
Dana was recommended by my accountant to solve a back tax issue with the state. His consultation was invaluable and I would highly recommend his service.
About Us
Julie Morgan
11:22 19 Nov 22
Thanks to Dana, we finally resolved a 20 year old case with the IRS. We couldn't have done it without his help and advice.
About Us
Dave Arnold
12:12 03 Oct 22
I had an initial consultation with Angelique at her Las Vegas location. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Angelique took the time to thoroughly explain all of my options. I was very impressed by her professionalism and expertise. She answered all of my questions, addressed my concerns and made clear recommendations according to my specific situation. I highly recommend Angelique and TCI.
About Us
Sherry Bryant
21:48 14 Aug 22
I can't say enough or thank the Tax Crisis Institute out of Bakersfield California enough for their time and assistance. I contacted the Tax Crisis Institute hoping to arrange an initial consultation; I was shocked that the VP of the company answered the phone. I was even more stunned by her willingness to provide me with some insights and recommendations which could potentially save me thousands of dollars in settling my IRS issue. Thank you again and for anyone living in the area or using this service, I wish they had an office in Las Vegas.
About Us
Bobby G Slaughter
20:54 14 Mar 22
My CPA recommended this company for handling my back taxes. They are professional and very communicative. Would definitely recommend using their services.
About Us
Billy Parry
07:39 27 Jun 21
Just got off the phone with Dana and Angelique. Great people to work with. They took care of my back tax issue going back 5 years! Really relieved and would definitely recommend them
About Us
Deborah Adams
06:48 24 Nov 20
After reading the prior reviews. I decided to call Tax Crisis Institute because of there honesty track record I have read about. I did not want a firm just to come and take my money. So sure enough when I called Angelique with Tax Crisis Institute she was super honest with me. After she heard out my issue with back taxes. She gave me some good ideas on how to try to execute what I was looking for on my own and at the same time save me thousands of dollars. Of course every case is different and the way my case was shaped out allowed that for me. But the bottom of the line is that Angelique did not just tell me ok we have a case it's going to be this much. She was honest with me and at the same time tried to help out my financial situation. I felt like she was on my team. I will be trying out what she recommended. If for some reason that does not work it will probably be because I am a horrible people person lol. In which case I will just pay the extra money and go to Angelique with Tax Crisis Instiute to take care of my tax issues. It won't hurt me to pay them for there services for the simple fact that I know they will be honest with me and that they will put every dollar I pay them to work. I will keep you guys updated to let you know if I ended up using Tax crisis institute...
About Us
Luis Torres
14:57 15 Jun 20
I don't usually review, but we're all stuck at home during a global pandemic. A few years back, I had a horrible experience with H&R Block, so my expectations of tax professionals are pretty low.To my pleasant surprise, the woman who helped was NOT Scrooge McDuck! Rather, she was an ANGEL -- sweet, charming, and VERY understanding about my tax questions and super clear with her answers.Within a matter of about 15 minutes, she heard my issues and was able to review my documents, troubleshoot, and identify exactly what I was doing incorrectly.During a really tough time, and in a pinch, Angelique took care of my family with kindness and professionalism.
About Us
Jon Martin
21:48 01 May 20
I am a retired law enforcement Chief and a client of Tax Crisis Institute for over 30 years. Their professionalism is always evident. Tax time and throughout the year Dana responds to whatever your IRS issues are. In all this time I have been audited only once. The agent found no errors in my return and praised TCI. I highly recommend their services.
About Us
Robert Clements
15:41 29 Feb 20
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About Us
Corfield McCann
08:40 20 Feb 20
Dana and Angelique are great people to work with. I took my case which dealt with unpaid taxes and we managed to resolve the case within a short period of time....I was happy with the results and would recommend to anyone dealing with back tax issues.
About Us
terence pearce
06:18 13 Feb 20
On behalf of Arizona Bar Board Certified Tax Law Specialist Attorney Donald W. (Mac) MacPherson:I have known Dana for many years because we are both members of Tax Freedom Institute (TFI). Though the TFI annual seminars, monthly newsletter, TFI group e-mails, and the personal assistance of TFI's director, Dan Pilla, both Dana and I have been able to keep up to speed with cutting edge tax resolution. I know firsthand that a) Dana is knowledgeable, b) Dana is not shy to take aggressive and legal positions with IRS on behalf of his clients, and c) Dana has obtained favorable results for his clients.
About Us
Samantha Haley
23:33 06 Dec 19
I just had Monique from TCI call me to discuss my issues and I'll will tell you that I'm extremely happy how I was treated. She quickly had me realize that my situation was very common and could easily be corrected. She provided me the steps to act on on my own to resolve my issue. I highly recommend TCI to anyone in need of support.
About Us
Tim king
19:18 07 Nov 19
The best place to take your case. They are so legit to handle the case. Will guide you with the best possible way. Absolutely not the money eaters.
About Us
Irwin Singh
21:00 25 Oct 19
I called tax crisis institute and gave Dana Ronald my name he remembered me from previous years gone by and said he would take on my case and he did a wonderful job i sent him all the paperwork he needed he took care of it on his end I didn't have to worry about a thing.i would definitely give Tax Crisis institute a 5 star rating and say that he would do you a great job
About Us
Graydon Smith
16:19 20 Oct 19
We came to Dana and Angelique in 2016. We were confused and way over our heads in tax debt! They have worked for us to solve our tax debt. They have always been there in our time of need, been quick to respond to IRS notices and saved us from wage garnishments. We are thankful for there help! They resolved our tax debt and our worries are behind us! Because of their honesty and transparency we continue to have them do our yearly taxes.
About Us
Kristi P
17:35 24 Sep 19
Dana at Tax Crisis has been a great help in getting IRS collection actions STOPPED in the past when we needed it. When you are under the gun and stressed, you need a great guide to get you through the dark times. I recommend Tax Crisis Institute - they will get you through it.
About Us
Phil Jordan
17:43 20 Sep 19
I have been dealing with the Tax Crisis Institute for many years. I have found them to be professional, friendly and responsive to any questions and concerns that I and my clients have had.
About Us
Neil Schwartz
17:20 27 Jul 19
About Us
Mandip k
21:23 10 Jul 19
Dana and his team have been working diligently with the IRS and myself to get me back on track. We look to be getting to the next major milestone very soon so I wanted to say how much appreciate their support throughout this whole process.
About Us
Tim Hollingsworth
21:58 16 Jun 19
My aunt had some back tax issues that needed to be taken care of. I got in touch with Tax Crisis Institute and Dana was very helpful--she was empathetic and walked us through the entire process and helped my aunt to get rid of her tax debt. I would definitely recommend TCI for any tax related issue.
About Us
Brandon Samuels
17:35 08 May 19
First and foremost, I did not come here first to see how TCI's customers reviews would be. But after speaking with Dana I have to say it is a privilege to write a 5 star review on behalf of him for his organization. He was able to explain to me the do's and dont's of opening up an LLC or Corporation. I can't thank you enough Dana how much information I was able to gather in a few short minutes and most of all you were willing to put my mind at ease without nothing in return. As with many on here I would definitely recommend your services and I am sure I will be a client of yours too and to better educate myself of starting my own business.
About Us
Ron Schurr
21:24 19 Apr 19
I just spoke with Dana. Wonderful person very knowledgeable and answered my questions right away. would definitely recommend.
About Us
Sam Dugan
21:19 08 Jun 18
Dana Ronald and Angelique helped so much in taking care of our tax issues. Dana gave us the advise we needed and worked directly with IRS and the state to help resolve our problems. I would recommend TCI to anyone who needs help or advice regarding their tax issues. Thank you Dana and Angelique for taking away the stress!
About Us
Cristina Torres
00:46 11 May 18
Angel was extremely honest with me. She patiently listened to my case in detail and gave me very good advice. In my tax case, the best advice was to not take Tax Crisis Institute's services. I appreciate that she did not try and create a case where one did not exist nor take my money. She was very empathetic, knowledgeable and forthright. She was really a huge help with my tax situation.
About Us
Donald Kutt
19:36 20 Mar 18
About Us
Andy Julye
18:33 28 Sep 17
About Us
Blaine Ferguson
18:33 28 Sep 17
I have had a wonderful experience using Tax Crisis Institute, my tax issue was really stressing me out until Dana put my worries to rest with good advice and patience.I would highly recommend to anyone with a tax issue to contact TCI. Thank You !!
About Us
Coco Crisp
22:23 04 Nov 14
About Us

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