what are the state taxes in california

What are the State Taxes in California?

California has some of the highest taxes in the entire country, so it’s important to understand what you’re being taxed for. The state’s sales and income taxes are higher than the national average while property tax rates are below the national average. One of our goals at The Tax ...
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calculator pen and paper to estimate federal taxes

How to Estimate Federal Taxes

With the end of the year quickly approaching, you might be wondering how to estimate federal taxes. This information will also help you going into a new year so that you can withhold more money from your paychecks if needed so you can avoid having to pay more. The Tax Crisis Institute can help you [...
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How to Create a Budget That Works for You

Are you the type that always has an outstanding high-interest debt that you can find ways to pay up? Do you often over withdraw what you have in the bank because of unnecessary expenses? Do you find it difficult to understand where most of your money go? If the answer to any of these three [...]...
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Top 8 Tax Tips for Small Businesses

When operating a small business, each penny counts. So often, reducing the taxes is the difference between making profits and suffering a loss. You have to pay taxes; there’s no argument about it. However, you have to be smart about it lest you risk losing a significant part of your dividends....
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10 Smart Financial New Year’s Resolutions

When it comes to welcoming the new year, it’s all about making new resolutions. It’s likely that you are pledging to hit the gym in the new year if you are having a problem in managing your weight. It’s also likely that you are promising to volunteer in community charity organizati...
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Financial Wisdom this Holiday Season

Each year thousands of us fall into this pattern: we spend and spend, buying the gifts we think our loved ones need for the holidays. Then we find ourselves surrounded by unopened boxes, torn wrapping paper and – you guessed it – panic over how we’ll pay off the debt or pay our bil...
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