Tax Lien Removal

Tax liens are overwhelming and mind boggling for most people. At Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada, we can help you with your tax lien struggles! Tax Crisis Institute has helped clients for more than 30 years with their tax troubles. As a family owned and operated business, we take pride in serving our customers. We meet with each of our customers face to face, and take a personal interest in each person’s case. Each tax case is unique, and we treat them as such. By working with Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada, we will help you gain a better understanding of your personal tax scenario and your tax lien situation. It is important that customers know the implications of tax liens on their finances, and how tax liens can be removed. Do not delay in seeking help in the removal of your tax lien. Call Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada today! (702) 217-0660

Are You Experiencing a Tax Lien in Las Vegas, Nevada?

The IRS states that, “a federal tax lien is the government’s legal claim against your property when you neglect or fail to pay a tax debt.” A lien protects the government’s interest in your property and assets. This includes your real estate, personal property, financial assets, and more.

In order to have a tax lien placed against you, the IRS puts the balance you owe on the books. They then send you a bill that explains the exact amount that you owe and when the payment is due. A lien is then created when the person who owes taxes neglects or refuses to pay the debt by the deadline given.

The United States government will send a person a bill that directly states how much money they owe the government, and the exact date that the amount owed is due. This document is known as the “Notice and Demand for Payment.” If you receive this letter and do not pay what you owe in full by the deadline given, you are at risk. The IRS will move on to filing a public document called a “Notice of Federal/State Tax Lien.” This document alerts creditors that the government has placed a lien on your property. It is bad news for your finances.

If you have received either of these notices from the IRS, please contact Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada today. We can help you understand and work through your tax lien issues with the IRS. Do not hesitate or delay in contacting us. The sooner this issue gets resolved, the better! Reach us today at (702) 217-0660!

Unfortunately, tax liens can severely cripple your financial status. First of all, a tax lien attaches itself to every single asset you have. This includes all of your vehicles, real estate, homes, securities, or savings. All of these become at risk of being seized by the government.

Next, a “Notice of Tax Lien” makes it very hard to open any line of credit.

Thirdly, a tax lien and a “Notice of Tax Lien” can impact your businesses and all of your business property. How? They can be confiscated by the government! This includes your business accounts as well.

Lastly, a tax lien follows you even should you choose to file for bankruptcy. It is not something to ignore and hope it goes away.

If you have received a “Notice of Tax Lien,” you should contact Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada today. Our tax lien services can help you find the financial relief you need! We are confident in our team of experts and their ability. They can help you navigate the best way to handle the tax lien. Do not delay! Contact the Tax Crisis Institute today. (702) 217-0660

What Are Your Options?

Avoiding a tax lien is simple – pay your taxes in full, on time. If you are unable to do so, you should contact the Internal Revenue Service in order to work with them. You can establish a payment play or other payment options with the IRS that will help you settle your tax debt over an agreed upon length of time. This helps you avoid a tax lien.

Should you not file or pay your taxes on time, do not ignore any letters of correspondence from the Internal Revenue Service. Unfortunately, many people choose to ignore this correspondence and find themselves in deeper trouble. You are better off working with the IRS to create a payment plan. This will help you settle your tax debt. The IRS will work with people who show they are willing to cooperate and take responsibility for their debts.

If you have already been placed under a tax lien, or fear you are headed in that direction, contact Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada today. We are staffed with a professional team of tax experts who can help you! At Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada, our team will help you understand and walk through the complicated tax lien process. We are confident we can help you find a solution that works for you. Call our Las Vegas location today at (702) 217-0660 and get started with the help you need!

How Do I Get Rid of a Tax Lien?

The simplest way to get rid of a tax lien is to pay your taxes that you owe the federal government. When your balance is completely paid off, your tax lien gets released within thirty days.

There are certain circumstances that allow for a reduction in the impact of the tax lien. When these conditions are in the best interest of the government and the taxpayer, there are options that may reduce the lien. These options include:

  • Discharge of property – There are many Internal Revenue Codes (IRC) that determine if someone qualifies for this. It allows the lien to be removed from a specific property.
  • Subordination – This does not remove the lien, but it does let creditors jump ahead of the IRS. This makes it easier for people to get a loan or mortgage.
  • Withdrawal – A withdrawal removes the public Notice of Federal Tax Lien. It makes sure the IRS is not competing with other creditors for your assets. You still must pay the taxes owed.

An Offer in Compromise also exists that can help get rid of a Notice of Federal Tax Lien. If one accepts the Offer in Compromise, it removes all federal tax liens, which is uncommon. The IRS has only recently begun offering this offer again. They have not done so in almost 30 years.

Let Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada help you sort through all of your tax lien removal options. Our experts are here to help. (702) 217-06600

How Can Tax Crisis Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada Help?

If you live in or near Las Vegas, Nevada and find yourself in need of tax lien services, let Tax Crisis Institute help you! Our professionals are experts in the tax field and have helped many people overcome their tax hurdles. Take action towards regaining your financial freedom, and contact the Tax Crisis Institute today! (702) 217-0660