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Most people loathe and despise paying taxes — especially when it can be such a confusing process. Unfortunately, this means that millions of people fail to file their taxes for years. When people fail to file their taxes, the IRS and state tax commissions quickly hound citizens for the money they are owed. At Tax Crisis Institute, we are here to help! We specialize in helping citizens of Orange County, California who need back tax resolution services. With our team of experts, we are able to help those who feel financially hopeless.

Paying off back taxes is a daunting task. If you owe the government back taxes and do not take care of them immediately, interest and fees quickly accumulate. In the blink of an eye, back taxes can become overwhelming debt. At Tax Crisis Institute in Orange County, we can help you find back tax relief!

Utilizing our back tax services for Orange County, the Tax Crisis Institute can help you pay off your back tax debt quickly. We even help our clients by negotiating with the IRS and state revenue agencies in order to reduce the total amount of back taxes you may owe. You can trust Tax Crisis Institute in Orange County to assist you in your quest for back tax relief. Read on for more information about our back tax services and back tax relief for Orange County, California.

What Are the Consequences of Owing Back Taxes?

Back taxes are defined as taxes that were not paid in the year that they were due. These taxes are often owed to the federal government, state government, or local municipalities. Unfortunately, owing back taxes can be incredibly harmful for your finances.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will charge you 5 percent interest for each month that your taxes are late, with a maximum of 25 percent. As you can imagine, these large interest fees add up quickly. If you fail to pay your taxes, the IRS or state agencies can also turn your back tax case over to a private collection agency. These agencies are ruthless in their collection methods, and the IRS can be even more so. All of this can cause serious harm to your credit score, and will impact your financial well-being for the long-term. It’s time to get help today!

If you live in Orange County and find yourself in need of back tax services or back tax relief, Tax Crisis Institute can help. The sooner you reach out for assistance, the better off you will be. By taking early action, you can avoid serious financial consequences. Contact Tax Crisis Institute in Orange County today — (714) 794-4680. We can help you find the back tax relief you need.

Back Tax Relief from Tax Crisis Institute

Paying off back taxes is an incredibly complicated and overwhelming process for most people. Tax Crisis Institute can help you find the relief you need. The professionals at Tax Crisis Institute will help you navigate the often confusing process and laws of the IRS that can be so daunting.

If you allow the interest and penalties of your owed back taxes to grow, you’ll find yourself in far more debt than you originally owed the government. For most, the burden of paying back taxes in Orange County is more than they can afford. If this sounds all too familiar to you, it’s time to take a step in the right direction and seek back tax relief and support from Tax Crisis Institute.

Our back tax services aim to put you back in a place of financial stability and peace. With our help and back tax services, we can help you take the necessary steps you need to find relief. By working with Tax Crisis Institute in Orange County, California, you have the ability to negotiate with the IRS and local government agencies. Whether you owe taxes to the state of California or the federal government, if your case qualifies, we will help you negotiate a lower settlement from what you owe. This means that you hopefully pay back much less than what you currently owe!

During our negotiating process, we will also try and help you secure an extension on the repayment of your back taxes. This helps you gain valuable time to gather necessary funding, get control of your finances, and avoid crippling fees and interest.

Let Tax Crisis Institute Help You Find Back Tax Relief

Our family run business is dedicated to helping the citizens of Orange County find relief from their back taxes. Our back tax services are top of the line. We know that each tax case is unique, and therefore we make sure that each client gets a personalized solution and plan for their back tax needs. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with local, personalized services to the people in our communities. You can trust our family run business to give you the support you need to resolve you back tax struggles!

Whether you’re dealing with back taxes, tax liens, unfiled tax returns, wage garnishments, or even wage levy, Tax Crisis Institute can help. By choosing to work with Tax Crisis Institute, you are partnering with a team of experts in your tax needs. We are here to help you regain control of your finances. There is no such thing as a hopeless tax case!

Tax Crisis Institute is a leader in tax relief services. Since 1983, we have been providing citizens with an alternative to overpriced lawyers or national tax chains who often fail to provide results. Through our services, we have helped thousands of clients regain control of their taxes, finances, and assets. We strive to put money back in the hands of our hardworking clients.

If you are struggling with back taxes and need relief, contact Tax Crisis Institute in Orange County today. The sooner we can help you take action, the better. We look forward to working with you and helping you regain your financial freedom! Reach us today at (714) 794-4680.

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At Tax Crisis Institute, we have over 30 years of first hand experience with filing and fighting for Offers In Compromise for our clients here in Bakersfield. Our expertise can help guide you in what can often seem like a totally overwhelming, perhaps even impossible, process.

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