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Lady Justice symbolizes the moral force in the judicial system. She carries a set of scales that balances truth and fairness in one hand, and a sword of power in the other. She is often depicted blindfolded, showing that she is no respecter of persons, but deals out judgments according to the law. She’s a symbol of equal treatment and objective authority to all who live under her courts.

So what happens when those that work for her deceptively tip the scales for their own purposes? The media is currently investigating that question.Will Lady Justice Come Down on the IRS?

The IRS is under national scrutiny for unfair business practices pertaining to the heightened scrutiny of conservative groups. It was confirmed over the past week that the IRS had been singling out conservative groups for extra scrutiny. Not only that, but they’ve been doing things like this for a while.

Also under scrutiny is the alleged release of financial reports to political opponents that were not authorized to be given. Some reports imply that this is a further proof that the IRS is squandering the authority they’ve been given for their own benefit. The logical counterargument is that mistakes happen in every business, everywhere.

Mistakes aren’t without their punishments though, even if they were accidents. Both Republican and Democratic congressional representatives alike have spoken up concerning the injustice of these actions. If proven true, than these actions undermine the integrity of the Constitution we all live under.

Thus far, no statements have been released explaining the crime further, nor have sentences been named for those guilty. Both the House and the Senate will be calling the IRS into question concerning these matters before the proper course of action can be determined.

So although we don’t know all of the details yet, legislative committees are beginning to conduct an investigation to get to the bottom of these problems. If reports are proven to be undeniably accurate, you can expect Lady Justice to hand out appropriate punishments.

photo credit: Scott* via photopin cc