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The ides of April have come and gone, which means the due date for taxes has likewise passed.  With taxes already filed, many are now waiting anxiously for their tax refunds.

When will I receive my tax refund?  That is a question than many people would like to know the answer too as many already have plans for how they will use the money.When Will My Tax Return Come?

Because some of these well-laid plans of some individuals and families are time sensitive, meaning they had better get that return soon or their plans are history, there are many who desire to know exactly when to expect their tax refund.

Well the IRS has good news for people this year.  Their online tracking program called Where’s My Refund? provides people with the ability to track the progress of their tax refund from the initial stages to when it is sent.

Additionally, the online tool will show an exact date by which a person should receive their tax refund.  Typically, the IRS has prided itself on timely tax refunds to the citizens of the United States.

In fact, nine out of ten people will receive their tax refund within twenty one days of filing.  And if you chose to file your taxes electronically, that the overall time it takes to process your return could be reduced.

Because the electronic returns speed the receivable process, those who filed online can track the progress of their refund only twenty-four hours after filing, while those who mailed in their paper return will have to wait up to four weeks before their refund information is available.

So for all those who are wondering when their tax refund will come in, simply log on to the IRS sponsored tool Where’s My Refund? and find out for yourselves when to expect your refund.

photo credit: snaps via photopin cc