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Tax day has come and gone, and if you forgot to file, you may be starting to wonder what happens next.  Although many people forget to file on time every year, the consequences can be a little worrisome, but with our help, you can certainly overcome them.

What to do About Late TaxesWhat Happens if I Miss the Tax Deadline

  1. Start Now.  The most important thing is that you get on top of it as early as possible.  With the help of a tax professional, you can be sure to take care of your late taxes without the hassle you may have on your own.
  2. Were You Expecting a Refund? If you were expecting to get a refund, then you are probably in a good place.  It is still a good idea to file as soon as possible so that you can get your refund in full and in time.
  3. Are You Still Waiting on Paperwork? If you still haven’t received a W2 from one of your jobs or a similar form, you may want to estimate the amount you have earned over the past year and be as honest as possible.  Your tax professional can help you to ensure you have received the right amount and filled out your forms appropriately.

So Get Started

Filling out your taxes late may seem a little bit overwhelming, but with the help of the experts at the Tax Crisis Institute, you should be able to get it done with as little stress as possible!

photo credit: Jixar via photopin cc