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Have You Been Involved in the Roni Deutch Fiasco?

Are you a victim of the “Tax Lady,” Roni Deutch? Tax Crisis Institute is here to help you.

Tax Crisis Institute is an experienced tax representation firm that can help you resolve any unfinished tax problems you may have been dealing with while working with the Roni Deutch Tax Corporation. If you need help resolving a lawsuit please seek appropriate legal counsel.

According to a story released by, Roni Deutch was charged with more than 100 contempt of court charges. It was reported that she refuses to refund over $435,000 in unfulfilled fees, and she has recently shredded over 1.5 million pages of important documents. Her assets have been frozen and the Roni Deutch Tax Corporation is in complete disarray. If you were a client of Roni Deutch, you need to get help now!

If you have been involved with this issue, don’t hesitate to contact us now. We can help you resolve your existing tax issues and get you back to your life quickly.

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