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As friendly as it sounds, wage garnishment is not something that you want. It does not benefit your wage, and it is not a delicious garnish. In fact, it is something you would do well to avoid. Wage garnishment is the money automatically taken from your paycheck when you refuse to acknowledge the debts that you have.Understanding Wage Garnishment

The government or a third-party will contact your employer informing them of the situation and they will be legally obligated to send all of your future paychecks directly to the person you owe money to until the debt is fully paid.

Depending on how large your debt is, you may be out of a paycheck for several weeks or months. Without any preparation or back-up money for situations such as this, this can do a lot of damage. There are ways to avoid coming to these dire circumstances, though.

If you are in debt in any way, do not ignore it. If you contact your credit card company, you can come up with a payment plan that works for you and doesn’t leave you without shelter or food. It will not affect your credit as severely, and save your reputation with your employer at work.

The best advice in cases of debt is to avoid it entirely. If this is impossible you must continue to communicate with tax experts, the IRS, or your credit card company in order to get out of your wage garnishment as quickly as possible. Budget your money carefully or you will find that your paycheck really can be taken away.