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The tax season is a stressful enough time without the threat of identity theft.  But, sadly, that is a worry we need to take into account during the tax season.  Although identity theft can seem pretty ominous, there are a few key things you can do to avoid it altogether.

What You Can DoTips on Preventing Tax Identity Theft

  1. Shred your documents.  Once you are finished filing your taxes, it is a good idea to shred all of your tax related documents.  These documents contain important information that, if not shredded, can be used to set up an account in your name.
  2. Keep your taxes secure.  Whether you are filing by mail or online it is extremely important that you keep your tax info as secure as possible.  This means using a secure web connection if you file online, and mailing your finished taxes directly through the post office if you are filing via the mail system.  If you hire a tax preparer, make sure that you know you can trust them before you give them any of your private information.
  3. Know how the IRS will contact you.  An important thing to note is that the IRS will never contact you via email, social media, or text.  The IRS plays it old school and only contacts individuals via snail mail. The only email message you should receive is the conformation that your taxes have been received and accepted or rejected.


Your Identity is private, personal and important, so make sure to protect it, especially when you are filing your taxes!