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When it comes down to it, taxes have been given a pretty dry reputation, but in reality, their past is pretty interesting.  Over the years there have been some pretty crazy taxes, and here are some of the highlights:

The Stranger Side of Taxes

  1. The Naked Tax—wait… what? That’s right, in Utah there is a ten percent tax on all professionals who perform their duties wearing less than the usual amount of clothes (if any at all).
  2. The Bagel Tax—yup, you read that right.  In New York City bagels that are sliced are taxed while whole bagels are sold tax free.  So next time you’re in New York, you should consider slicing your bagel yourself!
  3. The Elderly Anti-tax—if you are over a hundred, you may want to consider moving to New Mexico.  Citizens who have lived a century aren’t required to pay taxes in this state!
  4. The Hot Air Balloon Tax—In the lovely state of Kansas, you should expect to pay taxes on any hot air balloon rides you take, that is unless your balloon is untethered, in which case you are welcome to fly away tax free.

These are only a few of the modern crazy tax laws, but crazy taxes are certainly not a new thing.  Having strange laws on taxation seems to be a human tradition.  So, make your tax season a little more interesting and a little less stressful by checking out some of the other crazy tax laws through history.