In my 20 years’ experience dealing with the IRS, I have run across countless tax professionals who hold themselves out to be competent to deal with tax collection problems. Not one in a thousand has the knowledge or practical experience to get the job done. Dana Ronald is one of the rare few with the experience, the knowledge, and courage needed to challenge the IRS on behalf of his clients.

As the Executive Director of the Tax Freedom Institute, I am proud to have Dana as a member of my organization. I have complete confidence in his ability to handle even the toughest tax case.

Daniel J. PillaExecutive Director Tax Freedom Institute

There was no “easy” solution to my particular situation with regard to my debt to the IRS. The debt I owed spanned several years and since I earn a generous income, the IRS was threatening to garnish my wages so severely that my career was in serious jeopardy. I endured many months of sleepless nights and anxiety concerning this matter. Dana Ronald resolved this matter for me very impressively. Even more impressive was the professionalism exhibited by Mr. Ronald and his staff throughout the entire process. I would like to thank Mr. Ronald for his efforts on my behalf and a job very well done. Thanks for giving me my life back!

CFHenderson, NV

Tax Crisis Institute is our hero. We were absolutely overwhelmed by our tax problem. My wife nearly had a nervous breakdown and was under a psychiatrist’s care.

Dana Ronald settled our back taxes for cents on the dollar and saved our house. We would not be where we are today without him.


I was near suicide. I literally had gone out into the hills behind my house to blow my brains out. The gun misfired. My son found me and took the gun out of my hands as I was about to try again.

We owned our house clear and the IRS said they were going to seize it. Tax Crisis Institute not only saved the house, but negotiated a settlement to clear off the tax liens.


Dana, you are right. I hate to open these things. Even the mailman apologizes for the delivery!

Thank you for all of your work. You have made our lives free again! It’s nice to be normal.

The school year is flying by already. It’s almost Christmas. We will really enjoy the holidays!


Miracles do happen! I owed the IRS over $900,000 in back payroll taxes. My electrical contracting business was virtually shut down. Dana Ronald of Tax Crisis Institute settled my IRS taxes for $3,500. Remarkably, he made the same settlement for the Employment Development Department for the $70,000 I also owed them. My business is now thriving and I have a happy future.