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Taxes are pretty complicated, and as we have already seen through our other blogs they can get pretty crazy.  And, although we have spent a little time on the weird side of taxes, now we thought we’d give you a look into some of the strangest tax deductions ever attempted.

Among these, there are some pretty amazing attempted deductions, some of which were granted and some that were quickly denied.  Take a look at a few of the strangest tax deductions ever.

Cat Food

One crazy instance of a tax deduction attempt was when a few junkyard owners purchased cat food to feed wild cats. These cats would then help keep other pests at bay and make the junkyard a much safer and cleaner area to work in.

Because feeding these cats was considered a valid business expense, this tax deduction was approved!

The Super BowlStrangest Tax Deductions Ever Attempted

A business associate decided to take some clients to the Super Bowl for a good time, and apparently to build inter-personal relationships.  This would have been a terrific write-off for a great experience, but since they could not prove the event was business related in any way, they had to turn it down.

A New Pool

A man was told that he needed to exercise more in order to combat the symptoms of his emphysema, and in response he built and claimed a pool as a deduction.  Because it was deemed medically necessary, the deduction was allowed, and his pool became a tax break.

Dancing Lessons

Another ill individual tried to deduct dancing lessons as medically necessary expenses (after being told to exercise more) but was turned down for the deduction.

Dealing with Taxes

As you can see, taxes can get pretty complicated and extremely strange.  If you are considering a purchase that you hope will be deductible, talk to a professional to figure it out!
photo credit: LendingMemo via photopin cc & eschipul via photopin cc