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Owe back taxes to the IRS? Say GOODBYE to your Passport!Passed in Congress and signed into law on December 4, 2015 was the Fixing America’s Surface Transportion Act. The language  in this law prevents you from traveling outside of the USA if you owe money to the Internal Revenue Service in excess of 50 thousand dollars.

The law is a Trojan horse for the Government to attack citizenship without oversight or due process. There is no requirement for a judgment by a court. No fraud or criminal convictions are necessary. Traveling (and driving, by the way) will never be the same.

The law will for the first time in history link the IRS to the Department of State for purposes of issuing a passport. The law will allow for the IRS to determine who may or may not travel. The IRS will have extraordinarily increased administrative powers, where travel is concerned, that will far exceed the US State Department.

Steve Talbot, Attorney at Law in the state of Washington, states “This is obviously unconstitutional as the right to travel is a fundamental right and now it can be taken away by an administrative agency. It’ll never stand up to scrutiny. . . Somehow an action needs to be started to get this thing repealed.”

What laws will now be passed at the state level? Despite the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution, will California be able to stop you from traveling to Nevada at the state line because you owe them money, too?

Passports are already denied to felons and those who owe back child support.  The IRS will now be able to make determinations on your liberty without normal due process considerations.