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Navigating the IRS and tax laws is no easy task. If you owe the IRS back taxes, interest or IRS penalties you may be in a lot of debt for your taxes. To make the situation even worse, tax lawyers are often expensive. 

These lawyers tend to charge a large amount for their specialization. This often leaves the taxpayer feeling hopeless like they’re in a hole and the only way out is to stop digging. This is why Dana M. Ronald helped found the Tax Freedom Institute and is part of the Tax Crisis Institute in California and Nevada to help you with tax relief.

How To Get Tax Relief From The IRS

What is the Tax Crisis Institute?

The Tax Crisis Institute is located in Bakersfield, CA; Orange County, CA; Los Angeles, CA; and Las Vegas, NV. It was created by Dana Ronald under the same pretext as the Tax Freedom Institute. This is a national organization that believes that no tax case is hopeless and will help you find tax relief.

How can the TCI help me with Tax Relief?

If you are in California or Nevada you can visit one of the locations at Bakersfield, Orange County, Los Angeles or Las Vegas. You can also call for a free consultation if you just want to know what can be done about your situation. 

There may be many reasons why you have a tax crisis and Dana M. Ronald is committed to helping you out with any of them with his team of dedicated professionals.

1. Back Taxes

Back taxes are taxes from previous years that were not paid. This can be the result of a mistake in the process or if the taxpayer simply couldn’t afford to pay them. If you owe back taxes in California or Nevada you should not wait. 

These back taxes can start accruing interest and reach insurmountable sums. If you already can’t afford to pay your back taxes and have a crisis on your hands the tax professionals at Tax Crisis Institute can help you negotiate with the IRS about your tax situation.

2. Unfiled Tax Returns

If you have unfiled tax returns you are not alone. It may surprise you to know that about 10% of the population has a case of unfiled tax returns. If you are a resident of Nevada or California call one of our locations at Las Vegas, Orange County, Bakersfield or Los Angeles and we can help you get back on track. 

You can file for up to 10 years or if you fall under the California State Franchise Tax Board for up to 20 years. Our team of tax representatives will make sure you file only what you need to bring you current and that the taxes that the IRS may have filed for you (also known as a substitute for returns) is adjusted.

3. Offer in Compromise

An offer in compromise is an agreement between the taxpayer and the IRS. This is done when the taxpayer cannot pay the full amount and is settling for a lesser amount than owed. Here at Tax Crisis Institute in California or Nevada has tax professionals that can help you apply for a compromise that is fair to you. In order to apply for an offer in compromise, you must first be current on your tax returns. 

If you have unfiled tax returns as listed above, those will need to be resolved first. Secondly, you must have received a tax bill that you are countering. Third, an estimate of the required taxes for the year must be paid. Lastly, if you own a business, you must make all of the federal tax deposits for whichever tax quarter you are in. This may seem like a lot of steps but we can help you through the process at Tax Crisis Institute.

How To Get Tax Relief From The IRS

4. Wage Levy

A levy is where the IRS can actually seize your property. If you are in tax debt, this probably sounds intimidating. There is a process the IRS has to go through, however, before they can do this. They must look at your case and send you a Notice and Demand for Payment. If the demand is unmet then the IRS needs to send a Final Notice. 

This is done 30 days before any levy can be instituted. The most common type of levy is a wage levy. Receiving a wage levy from the IRS is often debilitating to the taxpayer because it hampers their ability to pay their other bills. The best way to avoid any type of levy is to pay your taxes. If you need help getting out of a tax crisis to call us at our California or Nevada offices.

5. Tax Lien Removal

A tax lien is often confused with a tax levy. The difference is that with a lien, the IRS isn’t seizing your physical property. A lien just means that the IRS is taking ownership of the property until you can buy it off from them. This can be a difficult process to navigate through but Dana Ronald and his team of tax professionals can help you get tax relief from the IRS for lien removal. 

This is often done at the federal or state level. Tax Crisis Institute has helped hundreds of California and Nevada taxpayers with their tax liens. The process is very similar to an IRS tax levy. You will get a notice demanding payment or the agency will institute a lien on your property. If the payment is not met, then the notice goes out to creditors making it difficult to open any additional credit. The best way to get a tax lien removed is to contact a tax professional.

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