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Does the IRS Levy at Christmas

You’re a mean one Mr. IRS Tax Levy

IRS was hit with a lot of negative press a few years ago when they sent out levies during the holiday season.  These levies hit accounts set up for the minor kids of the taxpayers.  Congress got an earful, put pressure on the IRS, and the IRS in response put out some publicity representing they would change their policy on issuing holiday levies.

While there is nothing in writing, it has been alleged there is an IRS moratorium on levies from the dates of December 4th   or December 15th  to January 9th.  This is a myth and has no factual basis.

We are as busy as we have ever been in releasing levies…in fact we are working over time with an unusually large number of levies for a December this year.

The Truth of IRS levies over the holidays

What is true is IRS tax collectors are public service union members;  as such they get very liberal vacation packages up to five or six weeks a year.  They generally choose to take two to three weeks off during the time window from the  second week of December to first week of January.  Taking people’s property is stressful – they need their breaks.

If there are fewer people to issue levies, it could only follow there should be fewer levies.  The corollary of this is, if there are fewer people to issue the levies, there are fewer people to release them, making for a very unpleasant Christmas for many families.

Expect unusually long wait times with ACS;  if a Revenue Officer is on the case, that levy is not going to come off until January when he is back from vacation.

Enjoy your holiday!

Dana M. Ronald

December 21, 2012

photo credit: slworking2 via photopin cc