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With the tax season coming to a close, many may still be struggling to file the taxes for this year.  Getting under the proverbial tax gun can leave an individual scrambling to file and thereby open themselves up to making mistakes or not receiving all that they could in a tax return.

4 Last Minute Tax Tips

Here are some tips for those who find themselves filing their taxes at the last minute.

  • File online:  The easiest and perhaps best overall way for anyone to file their taxes is through filing their taxes electronically online.  By filing taxes online, not only will a person be able to receive their tax return faster, but they will also be able to control the accuracy of their tax information more directly.  This ensures safety in filing taxes and efficiency, especially for those who are filing at the last minute
  • Use IRS Free File:  With all of the tax services that are available, consider using the IRS Free File software to file taxes this year.  The software is completely free and will include all necessary steps to prep one’s taxes appropriately
  • Take time to double check:  Even with the tax deadline quickly approaching, making needless errors on a tax form can lead to even greater headaches and procedures.  One should take time to check and then double check their work before filing their taxes.
  • If all else fails, ask for an extension:  By completing and submitting a request for an extension, Form 4868, a person who knows they will not be able to file by the 15th will be able to receive a six month extension to the deadline.

Using these tips and others as suggested by your financial professional, even those who are filing at the last minute can be successful at filing clear and accurate taxes.

photo credit: kenteegardin via photopin cc