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Are you in need of tax resolution help or advice? Let the Tax Crisis Institute help you! Located at 2600 W Olive Avenue, in Burbank, California, 91505, we would love to serve you in your time of need. Reach us by phone at (818) 640-5316 today!

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At the Tax Crisis Institute, we meet with each of our clients in Los Angeles County face to face

Why? Because that is the way business should be done! By conducting business face to face, there’s no need to worry about mailing in or faxing sensitive documents. Your privacy is one of our top priorities. For each consultation, you’ll experience a personalized approach to your tax resolution needs. This is one of the many reasons that the citizens of Los Angeles County continue to turn to the Tax Crisis Institute for their tax resolution needs.

We pride ourselves on being experts in negotiating with the IRS and state agencies such as the Franchise Tax Board, EDD, and BOE in California. The ultimate goal in our negotiations with these institutions is to lower our client’s tax debt, help them get the necessary tax extensions, and to even help them set up repayment plans that work within their budgets. Trust the experts at Tax Crisis Institute to handle your tax resolution troubles — it’s our area of expertise!

Many people seek out tax attorneys or national tax chains when in tax resolution crisis. Unfortunately, these attorneys and institutes are all too happy to take your case and charge you a fortune for their time and efforts. Tax Crisis Institute helps customers get a real value for their hard earned dollars, in a locally owned and operated setting. Don’t throw your hard earned money down the drain by hiring one of these attorneys or national chains. Contact us today at (818) 640-5316!