It’s time to put your tax debt behind you and there is no better time than right now! If you haven’t heard the good news, the IRS’s offer in compromise (OIC) program is the loosest in years and that gives tax debtors more options and more flexibility than ever before! This won’t last forever though…

Tax Crisis Institute is here to help you navigate all the details of this program. With an OIC you may be able to eliminate your debt in half the time and for a fraction of what you owe.

Don’t Waste Money on National Tax Representation Companies in Las Vegas

You have probably seen a national tax representation company or tax attorney advertising their services on the television. But if you choose to work with them you will end up paying through the nose, and what will you get? If you’re like most, you will experience poor service, headaches with all of the details, and high fees.

The tax professionals here at Tax Crisis Institute are willing to take the time necessary to understand your individual circumstances. Our family owned business has been helping clients achieve their goals this way for years–and we’re not about to stop! We will take the time to meet with you in person to answer all of your questions about tax debt.

How an Offer in Compromise Works

In order to make your tax debt more manageable, the IRS will be offering numerous tax exclusions. Overall, the offer in compromise program offers tax debtors twice as many tax relief benefits as the previous OIC!

This offer is an amazing opportunity and shouldn’t be passed up. Here are some of the tax relief benefits of the OIC program:
• Exclusion of equity in income producing assets in on-going businesses
• Back Payroll taxes and income taxes can be compromised
• Reduction of over $1,000 cash in bank plus taxpayer’s allowable living expenses per month
• Exclusion of up to $3,450 in equity per car in a household
• Additional $200 equity for car models six years an older or mileage of at least 75,000
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